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Which is the mold non-standard parts processing plant which good?

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What is die non-standard parts?

Mold non-standard parts generally refer to the specification and shape, and the non-standard parts of the mold with special construction are compared to the standard mold.In general, mold non-standard parts are processed by suppliers according to the drawings and requirements provided by customers.And mould parts for the high precision and high quality requirements on hardware accessories, all the mould parts of the industrial and technical equipment requirements is very high, non-standard precision mold precision up to 0.001 MM tolerance.Such as: rubber injection mold and product contact parts in general are standard parts, before having the main mold, mold, after insert. Can also be said that in addition to the screw, water nozzle, plunger, aprons, spring, and the rest of the mold are almost standard parts.

Which is the mold non-standard parts processing plant which good?

Which is the mold non-standard parts processing plant which good?Bo embellish small make up in front of the published "the advantage of purchasing mold fittings, manufacturers supply", as a mold accessories purchasers, choose a suitable mould non-standard processing factory as long cooperation supplier is important.Both from the time and cost can save a lot of, changsha borun ellish combined with many years of experience in mold research and development of non-standard custom and ability, on the basis of, we think, since it is mould standard parts, this is the test a mold processing accessories manufacturers custom service skills, and the most basic aspects of comprehensive strength.Therefore, which mold is the most suitable for non-standard parts, these basic strength is the first factor to consider.

Second, it is considered non-standard mould manufacturer supply ability, these include: research and development and production team, the quality of the products, supplied the service life of die parts, delivery time and the response of the related services and so on.

Also nots allow to ignore to the last point, one aspect, as a non-standard mould supplier, the relevant customer base as well as the types of research and development of new products and application range is also a good measure.

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