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What is the main function of thimble in the mould?

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The thimble used in this article is not the thimble used in daily life, but is often used in injection moulds.

What is the main function of thimble in the mould?

In the process of molding injection moulds, the moulds of the products are usually done by the thimble, ejector pin and push tube. So, what is the main function of thimble in the mould?This is as the mold parts manufacturer is often asked by the friends around the question, so, changsha borun thinks it is necessary to share here:

The thimble is divided into two types: round thimble and flat thimble, and the specific requirements are determined according to the structure of the product.In mould injection molding process, mold cavity filled with glue started stripping, relying on the mold after the mold push plate ejection thimble to preset position, thimble products product and the mould from the top to drain.Such a process is the role of thimble in the mold.

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