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What are the main manufacturing processes for the top pin of the mold

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Nowadays, with the introduction of the world's top equipment into the manufacturing industry, the mold manufacturing industry presents a new trend. However, the thimble barrel produced by the Bo Run mould has gradually won the recognition of more consumers due to its good quality, high accuracy and high strength. This makes our thimble barrel more competitive in the mold industry.

What are the main manufacturing processes for the top pin of the mold

Below, we are going to introduce the innovative manufacturing processes of the high quality mould thimble tubes produced by our company.

First big skill: electric spark milling technology

It has the characteristics of intelligent and automatic electric spark milling, so it can make full use of high speed rotation to make multi-dimensional and three-dimensional products. The high precision top pin tube is done without the need of complex electric circuit.

Second skills: mold software technology

The new generation of mold CAD software used by the bloomen mold has excellent intelligence and manufacturing ability. It is a technology produced by the rich theoretical knowledge and successful experience in this field combined with the advanced design concept. The thimble cylinder is an indispensable part of the mold, so this technology can make an accurate evaluation of the structure and performance of the head pin, so that the precision and the connection between the fittings are far higher than the traditional production.

Third skills: high speed milling technology

In the manufacture of die top pin, the technology has the advantages of fast milling speed and high machining precision. With the advantage of this advantage, the surface of the top needle of the top needle is very smooth. Now this technology is slowly developing to the direction of intelligent and integrated.

This is the introduction of three major innovative processes in the process of producing the top needle of the bloomen mold. Because of the use of EDM, mold software and high speed milling technology, the quality, quality and precision of the top pin of the mold have been promoted.

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