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What are the requirements of precision plastic mold parts processing?

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In modern times, the use of precision plastic parts and components is very wide, then the precision plastic mold parts processing requirements of what is it? Today, NITONI tells you about precision plastic mold parts processing requirements.

For precision parts, the processing requirements are very strict, especially precision plastic mold parts, not only for the size of the specific requirements, the accuracy is also required. If the size difference is too much will become a waste, this is equivalent to re processing, not only a waste of time and energy, even makes the whole processing of scrap materials, which resulted in the increase of cost of parts cannot be used. Therefore, it is very important to grasp the machining dimension and progress of precision plastic mold parts.

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In order to guarantee the precision of precision plastic mold parts processing, processing of high quality precision plastic mold parts, different parts to be processed in different ways to distinguish between different parts of the processing. Because each processing mode for the parts are different, play a different role, the parts processing accuracy has a great impact. In the machining process of precision plastic mold parts, the heat treatment process is often arranged. In order to improve the machining performance of the metal, the heat treatment process is generally arranged in front of the mechanical parts.

NITONI processing requirements as a precision metal molds with zero processing manufacturers has been adhering to the precision plastic mold parts, mold parts to create a high precision and high quality for the customer, continuous innovation to improve the processing technology, perfect service system, short delivery. At the same time, it also has 10 years of experience in the production of mold manufacturing team, is entirely happy to meet the international market for precision plastic mold parts processing requirements. For more information, please contact us:


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