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Top needle manufacturer processing top for technical requirements

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Today, with the booming manufacturing industry, the prospect of precision mold design and manufacturing industry is rising, and the competition among mold manufacturing companies is becoming increasingly fierce.Enterprise survival of the fittest, as the basic law of survival in the market, is not a single dependence on one aspect, more is the measurement of the mold manufacturing company's comprehensive strength.Here, changsha borun talks about the technical requirements of the top needle manufacturers:

Top needle manufacturer processing top for technical requirements

The plastic mold needs a thimble to fit the work.Because of the high precision and high strength of the thimble, the quality of the thimble is gradually obtained by the majority of recognition, and the processing technology good thimble can play a key role in the mould.And the high quality thimble is inseparable from the three technology support.

1. Electric spark milling technology.

Because the edm milling process has the characteristics of the intelligent and automation, so can make full use of high speed rotating a way to make a multi-dimensional three-dimensional products, high precision thimble division tube is in the technology does not need to adopt under the condition of complex electrical circuits.

2. Mould software technology.

Now a new generation of the mold with the intelligent CAD software technology and manufacturing capability is very good, this is a domain expert knowledge of theory and successful experience combined with advanced design concepts and technology.And thimble division tube, as an indispensable part of the mould, so the technology can take charge of the thimble tube make an accurate assessment of structure and performance, makes the correlation between the precision and accessories is far higher than that of traditional production.

3. High speed milling technology.

The milling technology with the advantages of high speed and processing precision, relying on the advantage of processing the thimble tube surface is very smooth, this technology is now gradually developed to the direction of intelligence and integration.

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