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The website of changsha borun mould and accessories is officially launched

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Changsha borun mould co., LTD., founded in 2008, with independent research and development "NITONI" brand high precision mold parts, mould thimble, thimble tube, punch, guide pin, guide sleeve, mold standard parts and various non-standard as the backing, in line with the "bo of the long, embellish of the global industry" spirit of enterprise, is committed to the development of high precision mold parts, design, production and sales, has developed into a collection of plastic mold parts, stamping die parts and machinery spare parts and other products for the integration of manufacturing manufacturer and export supplier.

The company factory

In order to better extend mould parts products business, fully achieve propaganda and establish cooperation relationship with clients, to make a broader understanding of the requirements of mold parts industry changsha borun and related products, after two months of the time, borun online website construction is complete and finally began operations...

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NITONI, As a China Precision Mold parts, Core pin, Ejector pin, Mold punch, Mold parts, Mold components, Non-standard Precision Parts, plastic mold parts, press die mold parts, manufactur and supplier,At present, The mould accessories products are mainly divided into Non-standard mold parts, Plastic mould parts, Press die mold parts, Die Springs, welcome to understand the customization.