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The standard of mould maintenance and maintenance is the basic of die life

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How to extend die life?Believe that this is the issues of common concern to the mold industry, as a mold parts manufacturers, the changsha bo embellish Suggestions, after the acceptance of the mould, in order to maintain the best performance status, and make the mould service life is longer, also ensure the normal production and the quality of the product, as much as possible to reduce the production cost, when using please refer to the following necessary maintenance and maintenance.

The standard of mould maintenance and maintenance is the basic of die life

Specification for mould maintenance

1. Preparation and inspection

a. Wear protective gear, such as overalls and labor protection shoes, before going to work.

b. Confirm the casting name and mold number of the maintenance mould.

c. Find out the mold die casting parts and the final two moulds of the die, and check the condition of the failure parts of die casting parts.

d. According to the drawings and data in the mould file, the maintenance project shall be confirmed next, and a detailed maintenance plan shall be developed.

e. Prepare the tools and accessories to be used, and take each step carefully and responsibly according to the maintenance plan.

2. Maintenance, grinding, assembly and cleaning

a. A large amount of aluminum dust and dirt accumulated during the production and use of various activities for a period of time shall be cleaned, and the parting surface shall be made. The mold cavity. The core. The exhaust box. The overflow tank should be more serious.Die hung to die to be maintenance when cleaning the stage with copper brush, brush, etc, and the shovels, and the dishcloth cleanness tool to clear the aluminum slag on the mould products (aluminum skins, aluminum), grease, mold release agent residue or any other foreign matter to remove dirt, etc.Be careful not to touch the cavity, core and other product parts when cleaning.

b. when disassembling mold, attention should be paid to the combination of the parts should have relative number, with the same number combination, can't put wrong, pack get blank brains damaged mould and may fly aluminum in production will produce phenomenon, so as not to damage the mould, the production shutdown caused by failure.When you repair the mold in your company, it is best to cooperate with the mould, especially the parting surface.

c. According to the final two moulds of the die, the mold is repaired.Remove the residue from the cavity, and save the light in the cavity, the aluminum on the core, and the collapse deformation.Repair the place or change of the meat to make it real and out of shape in case of a backbuckle.Check the slide block, guide rail and the location of each movable parts, and carry out the effective mould repair and rectification.

d. Repair the parts that need to be replaced (such as profile cavity, top rod, cast pin, bolt, oblique guide column, slide block and guide rail).If necessary, the quality department shall submit the inspection to the quality department, and then replace the damaged parts after the inspection. According to the installation identification code, beware of the wrong location and direction.

e. The cavity or core damage can be modified as far as possible.If the damage needs to be replaced, the repair or welding should be as prudent as possible, under allowable conditions, repair, replace, dredger, weld repair.

f. When assembling parts to be disassembled, clean and wipe before assembling.Artifacts of the mould (die set, cavity, blocks, slide block core, slider, cone, cylinder, cast pin, layering, friction losses blocks and exhaust blocks, etc.) the parting surface tu rust-proof oil, and guide pin guide sleeve and plunger and reset lever moving parts such as coating antirust oil.

3. Maintenance operation after production operation

a. The mould should be cleaned and maintained regularly.In the production and use of molds, due to the high temperature production, the internal stress of the mould materials should not be uniform, and the stress response should be carried out to eliminate the internal stress during the process of production and processing.The mould material can produce deformation and fracture, and the die precision can be affected by the long-term high temperature condition.And clean the residual aluminum residue or other foreign matter in the mold.

b. The mould (cavity) shall be reworked to relieve the stress.Maintenance is generally based on the product size of the mould and the production mode batch.When the mould in production use 8000 times to 10000 times, will for the first time to stress tempering and maintenance, the late for every 15000 times to 20000 times for a service to stress tempering treatment, to ensure that the service life of mould.

c. When the aluminum water status of the injection is different and the effective stress maintenance is not in place, it is the first step to confirm the size of the mould when cracks and cracks occur.No problem, first clean to remove residual aluminum mold surface slag products or any other foreign bodies, reoccupy cloth 150 grain and oil stone thickness to 150 particles after polishing processing, and effectively nitride, ABP surface treatment or to deal with the stress, in order to improve the product shape and surface quality.When there is a problem, the processing plan should be considered first, and then the treatment should be maintained after processing.

d. Due to the wide variety of castings, the design structure of the mould is complex and the situation in production is different, thus the stress elimination treatment and nitrogen and ABP surface treatment are set up as the basis for maintenance.

4. Long unused mold processing

Cleaning and maintenance of the mold that has not been used for more than two months shall be cleaned and maintained by the mold maintenance staff.Open the mould, check the anti-rust effect inside, have abnormal condition, must be redone anti-rust treatment.Long - term unused molds shall be coated with butter to prevent corrosion and influence post-production.The cleaning and inspection must be carried out before the machine can be used.

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