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Use of die spring and installation precautions

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The mold spring is a very important precision spare part in the mould management system, because the incorrect selection and use of the spring may cause some problems.Although spring little proportion in the total cost of the mould, but if you try to save costs in the spring, may cause premature spring failure, increase maintenance costs, reduced productivity, make you waste more time and labor costs, even damage the mold and cause a greater loss.Therefore, it is a wise investment to ensure that the best mold springs are used in the mold operation system.

1. Proper use.

(1). As the design focuses on the construction of the mold, determine the type and quantity of the spring, making the selection of the appropriate spring as part of the design work is the best choice.

(2). Make the spring load preload to the springs in the mould, and prepress 5% to avoid the stress caused by the load caused by the fire, which will damage the spring life.

(3). Do not cut and grind any lapping spring, outside diameter or cut winding number to fit the mold size, which can cause damage to spring and early failure.

(4). The replacement should be replaced at the same time. Do not replace only one spring, because the size of the spring is different, and the new and old spring will cause uneven force.

(5). Protection and maintenance shall be protected under high heat and corrosion conditions, and the mold spring shall be replaced according to the predetermined time interval.

(6). In proportion, the guide hole should be increased in proportion to increase the guide hole, so that the spring can be stable and uniform and uniform stress.

(7). Properly guided protection when the free length of the spring is more than four times the average diameter, the spring will be deformed in compression.To solve this situation, use a sleeve or a stick, or both, to reduce the possibility of spring bending deformation.

(8). The correct service life is long, although the mold spring design allows the maximum stress, but when the mold spring works under the maximum load, do not expect it to keep the maximum working life.

2. Correct installation method.

In order to obtain the best use efficiency, the spring installation should note the following two points:

(1). The depth of the guide hole should be at least two laps of the spring when it is installed on the base hole without the guide rod;

(2). When installed on the guide rod, the length of the guide rod should be greater than the spring length.

And, of course, even if know die spring in the important role of the product, but if the quality is bad, die springs is a big influence on mould management operation system, so you should be careful when choosing spring buyers choose to manufacturers.
??-Use of die spring and installation precautions

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