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Theme of the annual meeting of the enterprise in 2018

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In 2018, it has been quietly arrived, looking back on the road of the mold parts industry, and it has been 10 years.In this decade, the borun embellish people always adhere to the "don't forget to beginner's mind, party always" concept of development, guided by the demands of market and industry, with constant innovation, strive to improve the product quality as the vitality of enterprise development, adhere to the people-oriented, advancing with The Times, scientific management, constantly sending qualified mould parts products to industry market.

Theme of the annual conference

On February 3, 2018, for all the borun embellish people, is a day of celebration, enterprise's annual convention in under the common aspirations of all pulled open heavy curtain, the enterprise annual meeting, no matter from theme planning, activity plan, arranging the site, are carefully arranged.The whole activity has arranged a variety of programs, such as dance, choral songs, poetry recitation, etc., and everyone has participated actively, showing the versatile side.

Corporate annual event hosting

Annual meeting, the office of the collective dance spun HIGH explosive field quickly grasp money dance, everyone followed dancing together, pull the annual meeting of the atmosphere to the highest point, look, the people are intoxicated, funny...

Annual conference dance

During the program of the annual conference, the lottery was interspersed with the first prize, second prize, third prize and performance award.In the following picture, Mr. Ni xiuheng, general manager of changsha bobun, awarded the prize to the first prize winner.

The annual conference draws awards

Through this business activity, active atmosphere, cheerful the mood, the closer the relationship between the supervisor and colleagues, the company to mobilize and inspire the staff's enthusiasm and sense of responsibility for company.In 2018, we hope that the company will make the year of the dog with the joint efforts of all the borun people.

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