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The 3D printing plastic mould is applied to the development of non-standard parts

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Tecnun is a formula racing team from the university of navarra in Spain, who is responsible for the design and manufacture of students' racing cars for international formula competitions.Usually, it will take at least three weeks for the aluminum molds produced for the car parts to be used in the traditional way. What secret weapon will the team use?The team began to contact the new technology, 3 d printing, due to the limitation of strict production plan and budget, has been testing a variety of other as in the past Tecnun faster and cheaper alternative to the increase of material manufacturing technology, to expect can manufacturing tools.However, it was found that the plastic was not strong enough to break during construction.

After try, Tecnun team finally found the right choice - using Stratasys material manufacturing technology, the team can be in a few hours, to produce the key components of the car very complicated 3 d printing mold.Importantly, use the time saved in the process of production, the team can to further update the design iterations, and developed the 60% lighter than the traditional production methods of the final carbon fiber parts, thereby increasing the performance on the track.The key to success, says Javier Aperribay, technical director of Tecnun Motorsport, is the design of the intake manifold, which ensures that enough air reaches the engine cylinder and is a key part of the speed increase.Aperribay explained: "because of the intake manifold is composed of some important parts, these parts for the four is very important for the air distribution along the intake manifold, thus making intake manifold is extremely complex, our goal is to manufacture intake manifold in the carbon fiber composite materials, but we are very clear, making these parts need to mould building composite material, and make the final parts.Computer numerical control processing is used in the production of aluminum mould, but this is usually not a flexible and costly process, in addition, any subsequent design of the mould modification will delay the project, and additional costs."By using the Stratasys Fortus 450mc printer and st-130 materials, Tecnun has successfully produced moulds such as intake manifold.

Compared with aluminum molds, st-130 has superior solubility characteristics, making the shape of intake manifold more complex, so that all individual components are not assembled.Now the team can complete the production of the intake manifold 3D printing mold within 5 hours.With the increase of material before polymer materials is different, the material can be running under the high temperature of 121 ° C, and in the process of testing mold will not break, which help to achieve the best combustion reaction, improve track performance.

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