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Standard mold thimble manufacturer which good?

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Standard is according to the Chinese mould standardization system includes four categories of standards, namely: the mold base, mould process quality standard, mold standard parts and mold production related technical standard production of the molding products.

Mould standards and can be classified by mold main points and stamping mould, plastic injection mould, die-casting mould, forging die, fasteners, cold heading die, drawing die, cold extrusion mold, rubber mold, glass mold and wait ten categories of automobile die standard.At present, China has more than 50 mold standards with more than 300 standard number and automobile die parts of 14 common devices and 244 varieties, a total of 363 standards.The formulation and publicity of these standards have raised the standard and level of mold standardization in China.

Standard mold thimble manufacturer which good?

Changsha Borun Mould Co., Ltd., in line with "bo of the long, embellish of the global industry" spirit of enterprise, with subsidiaries in changsha city borun  embellish precision hardware co., LTD. Production of "NITONI" brand of high precision, strong with needle, needle flat, thimble division tube and all kinds of standard parts, non-standard special-shaped pieces as the backing, to mold accessories professional marketing, technology and service team as the backing, has developed into a collection of plastic mold parts, stamping die parts and machinery spare parts and other products as one of the producers and exporters.

Changsha borun embellish, as one of the domestic mold parts standard mould thimble manufacturers, with many years experience in r&d and production of mold accessories industry, at present, the business has in domestic large and medium-sized cities and some overseas markets.All of our products, including mold standard thimble, have been applied to all walks of life.As a result, these will be our continuous efforts of the power, and we will continue to improve product quality, on the basis of constantly develop new mold spare parts products, loved by the masses of customers.

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