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Purchase mold parts, select the manufacturer's advantage

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The mould is the processing tool for raw materials, which gives the raw materials the complete configuration and precise size processing tools, which is mainly used for the high efficiency and mass production of the relevant spare parts in industrial products.With the development of modern industry, mould application more and more widely, in the automotive, electronics, instruments and meters, household appliances, aerospace, building materials, electrical and communications equipment and other products, about 60% - 60% of the components relies on mould processing molding, therefore is called "the mother of industry.

Purchase mold parts, select the manufacturer's advantage

Since it is the mold, it will be necessary to use the mould parts. The mold parts are the general name of the metal parts used for stamping die, plastic mold or FA automation equipment.Includes: punching needle, punch, guide post, guide sleeve, thimble, cylinder, steel ball sleeve, no oil guide sleeve, no oil slide, guide column assembly, etc.At present, in the face of the numerous mold parts suppliers in the market, as the procurement of mold enterprises, how should we select the suitable suppliers of mold parts?Is it a middleman or a direct manufacturer?Next, the advantages of the manufacturers of mold parts selection in the purchase of mold parts are analyzed.

1. Select the mold parts manufacturer, which can directly control and timely communicate the whole process and link of production, so as not to appear passive;

2. Considering the cost, selecting the direct mold parts manufacturer can effectively save the cost and not bring the intermediate difference;

3. From a professional perspective, mold accessories manufacturers have their own professional r&d team and production staff, whose production capacity can fully meet the customized needs of customers;

4. Select the mold parts manufacturer, have the perfect product quality management system and the after-sales service system, relatively speaking, the product quality and the service ability have the advantage.

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