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Order die thimble, how to choose the manufacturer?

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As you know, the thimble is plastic mold parts, used in plastic mold.The thimble can also be called push rod, insert needle, medium needle, pin, etc.However, as the buyer of the mold top needle, all want to seek a comprehensive strength stronger thimble manufacturer, can be in order, but do not know how to choose?So, next, the mold parts manufacturer changsha borun will order the mold thimble, how to choose the mold thimble manufacturer to provide some Suggestions:

Mold thimble processing quality, you should consider 4 points

1. first of all, since it is mould thimble manufacturers, so there must be the direct factory, research and development team, production equipment and testing instruments, etc., of course, choose thimble manufacturers on the purchasing cost and quality control has absolute advantage;

2. screening process will have a certain strength of mould thimble manufacturers, many aspects of comparison and evaluation, including: production capacity, delivery capacity, product technology, research and development innovation ability, the internal quality control, product prices, the main source of customers and business coverage, etc., in the end to find out and his needs matching mold parts manufacturers;

Changsha borun embellish, as one of the domestic mold parts mould thimble manufacturers, with many years experience in r&d and production of mold accessories industry, at present, the business has in domestic large and medium-sized cities and some overseas markets.All our products, including the mold thimble, have been applied to all walks of life.As a result, these will be our continuous efforts of the power, and we will continue to improve product quality, on the basis of constantly develop new mold spare parts products, loved by the masses of customers.

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