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Non-standard precision mold parts processing which manufacturer good?

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Non-standard parts are mainly countries that have not set strict standard specifications, without relevant parameters, other accessories controlled by enterprises.There are many varieties of non-standard parts, and there is no standard classification.The general classification is as follows:

Non-standard precision mold parts processing which manufacturer good?

1. Metal non-standard parts.

The customer provides the drawing, the manufacturer produces the corresponding product according to the drawing, usually is the mold is mostly, the tolerance requirement, the smooth finish is the customer regulation, there is no certain normal form.From casting to finishing, the product needs corresponding quality control. The process is complex and variable, and the general cost is higher than standard parts.

2. Non-metallic non-standard parts.

It is the processing of some non-metallic materials.Such as plastic, wood, stone, etc., in recent years, the injection molding industry, the development of plastic mold is diligence, surface design, CNC programming reference, non-standard processing cost and tolerance grade has a lot of ascension.

Non-standard precision mold parts processing which manufacturer good?As a buyer of mold parts, it is important to select a suitable mold non-standard parts processing factory as a supplier of long-term cooperation.Both from the time and cost can save a lot of, changsha borun embellish combined with many years of experience in mold research and development of non-standard custom and ability, on the basis of, we think, since it is mould standard parts, this is the test a mold processing accessories manufacturers custom service skills, and the most basic aspects of comprehensive strength.Therefore, which mold is the most suitable for non-standard parts, these basic strength is the first factor to consider.

Second, it is considered non-standard mould manufacturer supply ability, these include: research and development and production team, the quality of the products, supplied the service life of die parts, delivery time and the response of the related services and so on.

Also nots allow to ignore to the last point, one aspect, as a non-standard mould supplier, the relevant customer base as well as the types of research and development of new products and application range is also a good measure.

Changsha boun embellish mould co., LTD., in line with "bo of the long, embellish of the global industry" spirit of enterprise, with "NITONI" brand high precision with needles, punch punch, flat thimble, thimble division tube and all kinds of non-standard special-shaped pieces as the backing, to mold accessories professional marketing, technology and service team as the backing, has developed into a collection of plastic mold parts, stamping die parts and machinery spare parts and other products as one of the producers and exporters.

Changsha borun embellish, founded in 2008, in line with "quality first, customer satisfaction" work standards, "the good faith management, common development" business philosophy, has formed a strong quality consciousness, keep improving the production concept and consummate operation level of management, technical and production staff.

Company always adhere to high, refined, sharp products, continuously introduce the domestic and foreign advanced production and testing equipment, and process optimization and innovation, and strictly enforce the ISO9001:2015 quality management system standards.Ensure that all products issued by the company meet customer requirements.

At present, has been to Germany, Italy, Canada, the United States, Brazil, India, Chile, South Africa, Egypt, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries and regions to provide the high quality products and services, and received high praise and recognition of them.

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