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Non-standard mould manufacturer which parts can be processed?

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Die non-standard parts manufacturers can process which parts?In fact, for the mold parts industry standard parts and non-standard parts, a large number of people are confused!So, to borrow this opportunity, changsha borun is simply to say the non-standard parts of plastic and stamping parts:

Non-standard mould manufacturer which parts can be processed?

1. injection molding, plastic non-standard parts

The parts of the injection mold and the product glue position are usually non-standard parts, the main ones are the front die, the rear die and the inserts.It can also be said that other than screws, water bill, thimble, rubber ring, spring, the rest of the mold is not a standard.

2. Non-standard parts for stamping die design

The spare parts on the stamping die can be designed as non-standard, but for convenience and economy, the concave mould must be non-standard.The rest is determined according to the situation. Generally, the mould frame, guide column and guide sleeve are all standard, and the others can be determined according to the situation.As for these, we can check the general stamping manual, and the attached pages usually have standard parts.

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