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Material selection and processing method for die thimble

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As dealing with mold industry more mold parts production enterprises, want to die manufacturing high precision, high efficiency of the spare parts, often in mold parts material selection and processing methods need to be under a lot of work, changsha borun embellish believes that only the right material, machining method used by the way, can produce high quality mould parts.This paper introduces the common material selection and processing method with the example of mold thimble.

  • Material selection of die thimble

The die thimble is usually made of high speed steel, which needs to be heat treated.There are a lot of CARDS, commonly used SKD61, SKH51.The hardness is 50-55 degrees.Surface hardening and nitriding treatment.There is also an ordinary high - speed steel thimble, used in a low - demand site.

The material of plastic mold thimble is SKH51, SKD61, SKD11, 65Mn, etc., SKH51 is better than SKD61.SKD61 thimble can resistance to high temperature of 1600 ?, SKD61 plunger surface nitriding treatment can be very good to raise the wearability of thimble, after 65 mn thimble because its quality is poorer, the quality of brittle broken easily, most of the assembly and not use a plastic mould has 65 mn material thimble.

  • Introduction of die thimble processing method

1. Material testing required for the die thimble (confirm whether the material is genuine);

2. Cut material (remember to reserve the head);

3. The head of the steel, the steel will be used to automatically start the head machine, and the steel will be heated by 3-10cm, and the head will be typed directly.

4. Then straightening the steel to determine the straightness of the steel;

5. Rough handling of the lathe, and finally reserve 0.02-0.03;

6. Smooth the centerless grinding on the thimble;In the upper lathe to process the head, the centerless grinding controls the outer circle of the head;

7. Nitrogen treatment is carried out in the nitriding furnace;

8. Finish the nitrifying thimble to make the tolerances meet the factory requirements;

9. Inspection, packing and shipment.

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