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Kielce Poland plastics processing PLASTPOL exhibition in 2018

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Poland is a very profitable country to exploit eastern European countries.

Poland is in the middle of Europe. It has a very good geographical location and very developed transportation. It is the center of eastern Europe.

Kielce Poland plastics processing PLASTPOL exhibition in 2018

In recent years, the polish political stability, economic growth trend is good, the market potential is tremendous, government cut taxes that encourage exports and investment, kielce now the construction of the airport, the airport construction will greatly spread China's export goods to Frankfurt, will also open the freight another important channel in Europe.

Poland has one of the lowest labor costs among eu member states, with a unified trade policy and low trade and venture capital.

Poland is a good choice if Europe is to be developed.

In 2018, the 22nd polish international plastic processing exhibition is certified by international UFI.

PLASTPOL exhibition is one of the important to the international plastics industry exhibition, international exhibition in Poland.

In 2017, the exhibition attracted from Austria, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Slovakia, Italy, Latvia, Spain and the Czech republic, India, South Korea, Egypt, Israel, Denmark, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Sweden, Ireland, the Netherlands, Japan, Slovenia, Turkey, the United States, Poland, China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and China Taiwan and other countries and regions such as 36 countries more than 800 exhibitors, China mold parts manufacturers NITONI changsha borun embellish also participated in the exhibition.

Kielce Poland plastics processing PLASTPOL exhibition in 2018

Exhibition scope of the 22nd kelsey international plastics processing exhibition in Poland in 2018

Plastic machinery: injection molding and extruding machine, plastic manufacturing machinery, plastic steel doors and Windows machinery and equipment, accessories, tools, bottle blowing machine, plastic filling machinery and equipment, and quality testing instruments, etc.

Mould type: plastic rubber mold and model, used in food industry, construction industry, automobile industry, electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, transportation industry and household, etc.

Cooperative processing, mould machine tool, mold standard parts, mould materials, mold tools, molding equipment, etc.

Materials: raw materials, new biodegradable material, coating, colorants, modifier, plastic additives and auxiliary agent, plastic composite materials, all kinds of car products and semi-finished products, aluminum foil materials, medical materials and fishing gear, etc.;

FRP raw materials, FRP related equipment (forming equipment, recycling, forming parts, etc.);

All kinds of plastic products, plastic film, rubber products.

Rubber machinery, rubber extruder, mixer, rubber class (granulating machine, cutting machine, vulcanizing tank, laminating machine, forming machine, setting machine, joint machine, vulcanizing machine, desulfurization machine, bag making machine, rolling machine.

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