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Is the thimble the same as the cylinder?

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As the mold parts manufacturer, often meet the mold parts suppliers to ask: "the thimble is the same as the cylinder?"In fact, when the mold parts are classified, we often put the thimble and the cylinder together, which is the thimble we hear.The thimble and cylinder are two different mold parts, but they can be used for the plastic mold. Is the thimble and the cylinder the same spare parts?

Is the thimble the same as the cylinder?

1. Identify the shape of the thimble and the cylinder.

Hollow core, solid core, long and pointed, thimble is harder than cylinder.

2. The function of thimble cylinder.

The thimble is composed of two parts, the cylinder and the inner needle.The cylinder is mounted on the inner needle and can be moved up and down.Within the needle fixed on the mould plate, tube in a thimble board, when the ejector, ejector with the plunger plate up, because then the needle fixed on the mould plate, without moving, thus ejector will include needle products on top.

3. name

The cylinder and thimble are equipped with a cylinder pin assembly.The cylinder is also called the top tube, the hollow thimble, can be divided into the straight cylinder, the ladder type cylinder and so on.

4. Assembly position

The cylinder is a round hole or blind hole in the product, and the glue bit must set the metal fitting of the top out device.It consists of a cylinder and a cylinder pin.The cylinder is mounted on the thimble board, the cylinder needle is mounted on the bottom plate, and the rubber bit is placed on the cylinder pin after the mold is opened.

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