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Injection-molding tool parts failure guide post damage

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The injection mold has six major systems, and the guiding system is to ensure that the dynamic and fixed modes can be set accurately in the mold, and the guide parts must be set in the mold.In the injection mold, four sets of guideposts and guide sleeve are usually used to form the guide parts. In some cases, the inner and outer cone of each other can be set up to assist the positioning.

Injection-molding tool parts failure guide post damage

The guide pillar plays a leading role in the mould, so as to ensure that the forming surface of the core and cavity is not mutually touching in any case, and the guide column can not be used as the force part or positioning piece.What about the damage of the guide post in the process of using the injection mold to process the parts?According to changsha borun, it is necessary to work hard to solve the problem of the guide column injury, and it is necessary to work on the design of the injection mold to achieve a lasting effect.

The injection mold factory should make a set of high quality injection mold to understand each mold design, manufacturing, molding every detail, understand the use of each part in the mold.Clear guide pillar play a major role in injection mold, understand the harm done by the guide pillar damage on the moulds, will be better in the subsequent use of attention to this kind of problem, not only can produce good plastic products better, also greatly improve the service life of the injection mould.

In the design of the guide column, it is necessary to consider the problem of the blade. Otherwise, the guide column can be turned into a positioning mechanism, and the guide sleeve needs to have a vent hole, which prevents the forming of vacuum mold after the closing of the mold, which produces a great suction force.

In the following situations, the injection process of the core cavity can produce a large four direction of the centripetal force.When the wall thickness of the plastic part is not uniform enough, the plastic flow will increase through the thickness of the wall, and it will generate a large injection pressure here.The lateral asymmetry of the plastic parts, such as the plastic mold of the step parting, is different from the pressure on the ladder, so the width of the parting surface should be considered in the design of the mold.

Dynamic plate bending

When the mold is injected, the molten plastic in the mold cavity generates a huge reverse pressure, usually between 600 and 1000 kg/cm.Mold makers sometimes don't attach importance to this problem, often change the original design size, or replace with low strength steel plate, the dynamic template in the mould of material with a plunger, because on both sides of the large span, cause the injection template under bending.Dynamic template must choose high quality steel, must have the enough thickness, must not use # 45 steel such as low intensity, when necessary, or support block should be set at the bottom of the dynamic template shores, to reduce the thickness of the template, improve the bearing capacity.

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