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How to use ejector pins properly on molded parts?

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Ejector pins are the "bouncers" of the injection molding world. They apply a force to eject a part from the mold, and in some cases can leave marks. At NITONI, our goal is to design and position pins to minimize their effect on your parts, and while NITONI typically determines pin placement, customers get to sign off on pin locations before an order is finalized.

Pins are located in the B-side mold half, the side in which the part will stay when the mold opens. Once the mold is opened, the pins extend into the mold cavity, push the part out, and then retract, allowing the mold to close and be refilled.

NITONI uses round ejector pins, and their placement depends on a number of factors. Obviously the shape of the part is one (see Figure 1). Factors like draft and texture of sidewalls and depth of walls and ribs can increase the likelihood that areas of the part will cling to the mold. Resin choice can also affect pin placement or size. Some resins are "stickier" requiring more force for release from the mold. Softer resins may also require the use of more or wider pins to spread force and prevent puncturing or marring of the cooled plastic.

Ejector Pins

In most cases, ejector pin placement is a relatively minor concern in the early phases of part design. NITONI will propose pin placement when an order is placed and present a pin and gate layout for customer approval. At that time, Proto Labs will address any questions or concerns and make changes, if necessary, to meet customer requirements.

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