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How to select mold material for casting mould manufacturer?

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Casting mold refers to the model in order to get qualified parts, ordinary manual, commonly used wood model, plastic model, mechanical model is multi-purpose metal model, so how do we choose the casting mold material?Next, the mold parts manufacturer changsha borun editor will tell you what to pay attention to when choosing casting mould materials.

How to select mold material for casting mould manufacturer?

How to select mold material for casting mould manufacturer?

Selection of casting mould materials:

1. Production batch: when the production batch of the stamping parts is large, the material of the punch and die of the mold shall be selected with high quality and good wear resistance.For the other parts of the mold and auxiliary parts of the parts material, also should be raised accordingly.In small batches, the material performance requirements should be appropriately relaxed to reduce costs.

2. The performance of the stamping material and the conditions for the use of mold parts.

When the material is hard or the deformation resistance is large, the punch and concave die should choose the material with good wear resistance and high strength.When drawing stainless steel, aluminum bronze concave mould can be used because it has good resistance to adhesion.And the guide guide sleeve requires wear-resisting and good toughness, so it adopts low carbon steel surface carburizing and quenching.

3. Material properties shall be considered for the cold and heat processing properties of the materials and the existing conditions of the factory.

4. Micro-deformation die steel is adopted to reduce machining costs.

5. Mould steel with special performance shall be developed for the mold with special requirements.

6. Select the mold material according to the use conditions of the mold parts, and choose the materials with low price to reduce the cost if the main conditions are met.

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