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How to prevent the thimble from rusting easily in plastic mould?

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The thimble in the plastic mold is easy to rust when used. At this time, if not treated, the service life of the thimble will be quickly consumed and become less durable. So what should the plastic mold manufacturer do when the thimble rusts? And how to do it right? NITONI changsha borun, a mould and accessories manufacturer, thinks thimble can be rusted:

How to prevent the thimble from rusting easily in plastic mould?

1. in the production of plastic mould thimble rust is a large part of the reason why injection water, the machine stopped running to close water is not possible, the improper operation is very easy to cause the thimble rust, right way should be shut off water to close the machine, so it can effectively prevent rust.

2.  in addition to using nitride thimble, thimble lubricating oil in die casting time, before each downtime, use cleaner after cleaning the mould, spray anti-rust oil (spray) when the thimble ejection, also can reduce the thimble rusty.

3.  If the thimble is used correctly, in fact, the thimble will be hard to rust. When the thimble is discontinued, we should also take good measures to preserve the thimble and use anti-rust oil or machine oil for anti-rust treatment.

4. if you are not careful thimble rust, if it is a mild life, can be rust removal by copper wire or sharpening stone processing, but if rust is severe, or change in time new thimble, so that your mold is in good working condition.

After reading the above analysis on the cause of the rust of the ejector pin, do you think that we can effectively avoid the rust of the ejector pin through our usual working habits?

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