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How to improve hardware stamping tool durability?

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The stamping die will wear out frequently during the production process, which is the most considered problem for many metal stamping die manufacturers and stamping die users.So how to improve the durability of stamping die from structural design and material selection?As the manufacturer of mold parts, changsha borun thinks:

Stamping die is a necessary process equipment in stamping process, which is decisive to improve product quality, prolong product life and improve production efficiency.However, due to the constant wear and tear of the stamping die in the production process, it is difficult to meet the production demand.Therefore, it is very important to improve the durability of the stamping die.Here are some ways to improve the durability of the stamping tool.

1. Improve the design of stamping die.

Whether the stamping die design is reasonable is the foundation for improving the durability of the stamping die.To design a stamping die as a result, the adverse conditions to take effective measures in response to the product forming, in order to improve the durability of progressive metal stamping tools, such as the life of the stamping die design holes tend to show on the rush hole punch.For this type of stamping die, it should be designed to shorten the length of the small punch to increase the strength. Meanwhile, the guide sleeve should be adopted to strengthen the small convex mould for protection.In addition, in stamping die design, it is necessary to take full account of the form of the formwork, the fixed method and orientation of the convex and concave modes, the determination of the pressure center and the rigidity of the upper and lower plates.Especially for blanking dies, the selection of clearance value has a great influence on durability.In the design, the clearance of the stamping die should be reasonable, and the clearance value should not be too small, otherwise it will affect the service life and durability of the stamping die.It has been proved that, without affecting the quality of the stamping parts, it can greatly improve the durability of the stamping die, sometimes even several times and dozens of times.

2. Select the stamping die materials correctly.

Different stamping die materials have different strength, toughness and wear resistance.Using advanced materials under certain conditions can increase the durability several times.Therefore, it is necessary to choose good materials to improve the durability of the stamping die.

Toolox series of materials, is a kind of high toughness, high abrasion resistance, basic no internal stress of a new type of tool steel. In the process of the hard and high purity, grain size is very small, S, P content is very few, precipitation of carbide content is less, and very evenly. Due to the special composition design, Toolox series material with excellent surface treatment performance, including Toolox44 after nitriding surface hardness can reach more than HRC65, Toolox40 surface hardness can reach more than HRC62, Toolox33 can reach more than HRC58 surface hardness, depth of up to 1.8 mm.

The above features of the Toolox series make the application of the Toolox series of materials have special advantages in some stamping dies.

A) thick steel plate (typical case punching shear thickness of 35mm steel plate), stainless steel plate, and non-ferrous metal sheet metal stamping mold, more typical is the air conditioner fin mold and so on.

B) drawing die and stainless steel drawing die.

C) cold extrusion mould. Cold extrusion 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 0.5mm, replacing DC53 and other materials, the effect is very good.

D) large stamping template for high dimensional stability requirements.

3. Reasonable forging and heat treatment of stamping die parts.

In selecting the quality stamping die materials, it is one of the main ways to improve the durability of stamping die by making reasonable forging and heat treatment of materials and materials with different properties.For example, in quenching, if the product is overheated during heating, it will not only make the workpiece brittle, but also cause deformation and cracking when cooling, which will reduce the durability.Therefore, in making the stamping die, the heat treatment process must be reasonably mastered.

Toolox material is directly by the steel quenching and tempering steel in the process of the hard, no longer need to heat treatment, coupled with the appropriate surface treatment, such as nitriding, Toolox substrate materials of high toughness and cooperate on the surface of high hardness, and can achieve good results.

4. Reasonably arrange stamping mould manufacturing process and guarantee machining accuracy.

The precision of stamping die has great influence on the durability of stamping die.If the assembly gap is not uniform in the blanking die, the die will be damaged by the shear force and the die life will be affected.At the same time, the stamping die surface is clean, and will make the stamping die less durable., therefore, must be on the pitch size when processing, the assembly when the punch on the fixed plate supporting surface vertical, uniform and guide bush of stamping die spacing, guide post orientation precision grade given sufficient attention.The higher the manufacturing and assembly precision and the higher the surface roughness level of the working part, the higher the durability of the stamping die.

Choose the press correctly.

In order to improve the durability of the stamping die, the pressure machine with high precision and high rigidity should be selected, and the punching tonnage should be more than 30 percent.Normally, the use of a servo punch can increase the life of the die several times to dozens of times.

6. Reasonable use and maintenance of stamping die.

In order to improve the durability of the stamping tool, the operator must reasonably use and maintain the stamping die, and the stamping die should be repaired frequently to prevent the stamping die from working.

Above is we raise several commonly used methods of stamping die wear-resisting degree, improve the wear-resisting degree not only makes the meaning of stamping die service life increase, reduce the production cost of mold enterprise, more can guarantee the quality of manufactured products, improve production efficiency.

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