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How to improve the service life of punch press?

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Punch: also known as punching needle, how to improve the service life of punch in die accessories?This is any mold parts manufacturer and purchaser want to know and solve the answer.

Details of non-standard parts and standard parts for mold parts

To improve the service life of the punch bowl, first we need to know the types and materials used in the punch press:

Punch type: standard punch, punch B type, type A punch, punch smoking tooth type, tooth type punch MP, smoking tooth type punch SP, guide the punch BPP, guide the punch type APP, conical punch, conical double punch, type A triple punch, standard lash, alien punch, punch and forming punch.

SAD again forming punch: type the four corners of punch, SAR type R type punch, SAG cut bilateral punch punch, SAE elliptical punch and SAT triangle, SAS, turret punch, and fan punch, crescent punch, punch of titanium coating, etc.

The materials for the production punch are skd-11, skh-51, skh-9, ASP-23, ASP-60, M42.

In recent years, the world within the scope of mold punch punch manufacturing becomes more and more fierce competition, enterprises in the shortest possible time to provide customers with high efficiency and low consumption ability of personalized high quality products, has become a symbol of enterprise competition ability.Mold known as the father of the industry, mold parts quality of punch punch, will directly affect the quality of the products, production, costs, production of new products, and the cycle of old product upgrading, product structure adjustment speed and market competitiveness, thus the economic situation in the quality of die parts punch higher and higher demands are proposed.So how can we better improve the quality of die punch?That is to say, how can the mould punch head in the high precision, low cost, high efficiency, longer, more time to produce quality qualified products?This has become the focus of attention.Mold punch quality is not a simple topic, it includes the following aspects:

1. Punch quality: stability, conformity, surface finish, utilization of punch materials, etc.;In the design of die structure, the structure is compact and easy to operate, and there is sufficient strength and stiffness for the punch parts.When the die punch structure is allowed, the corners of each surface should be designed as rounded corners to avoid stress concentration.For the concave mould, cavity and part of the convex mold, the core can be used to eliminate stress concentration, elongated punch or core, and the appropriate protective measures should be taken in the structure.For cold stamping die, it should be equipped with equipment to prevent the blockage of production or scrap (e.g., bullet pin, compressed air, etc.).At the same time, it is necessary to consider how to reduce the impact of sliding fit and frequent impact on the quality of mould punch in long-term use.

2. Service life of punch punch: the number of work cycles or production units that can be completed by the die punch in the premise of ensuring the quality of the punch.

3. Use and maintenance of punch punch: is it the most convenient to use, easy to remove and as short as possible.

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