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How to communicate with your Chinese mould components supplier?

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More and more people intend to do mould components import business in China, but due to language and cultural different, many western buyers feel it very difficult to communicate with Chinese mould components makers.

Why you should try to communicate with your Chinese mould components supplier better?

In some worse cases, you would lose money on un-sufficient communication or your mold project gets delay due to misunderstanding, the mistakes happen mostly because the information or instruction are not transferred properly or understood completely.


How to communicate with your Chinese mould components supplier?

Here are a few tips about how to communicate with a Chinese mould components supplier.

Send an inquiry with details

Try to give details about the molds, an email inquiry with detailed mold specification normally would be taken seriously. A professional mould components buyers would at least provides parts drawing, mold standard, molding machine data, etc. The Chinese mould components supplier will give their best attention for this kind of inquiries. They will give a prompt and professional reply. A too general inquiry will make the China mould components suppliers think that you are an un-professional customer.

Get a mold making schedule, require weekly report with pictures

A time schedule would allow you to manage the mold manufacturing process step by step, require weekly report with actual process pictures to make sure everything in schedule, it always better to find the delay in the earliest phrase, and don't forget leave yourself at least 1 week for safe, your never know what will happen during mould components making process.

Telephone communication

You will need to make sure that the one you are calling speaks good English. The China mould components suppliers are not English native speakers, so try to speak slowly on the telephone, write an email to confirm the conversation on telephone if it is important. In fact, many of mould components suppliers can write or read English well but they can't speak well.

Instant Messenger

Most of Chinese mould components suppliers can't speak well but they can read and write prefect, Instant Messenger like Skype is really popular and convenient to use, most of Chinese mould components supplier use SKYPE. For important issues, you will need to write an email to confirm the conversation on instant messenger.

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