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How much hardness is SKD61 in plastic mold?

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As we all know, SKD61 thimble and SKH51 thimble are used more in plastic mold.When customers order the thimble, they sometimes emphasize the high hardness, in fact, not the highest hardness is good.

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SKD61 die thimble is one of the most common type of thimble.It can be resistant to high temperature of 1600 ?, can be well improved after surface nitriding treatment plunger wear resistance.The SKD61 die thimble is widely used and has a fairly high frequency.So, how hard is the SKD61 die thimble?It became a concern for many mold industry friends.

SKD61 thimble, for example, air cooling quenching, quenching temperature 1020-1020 degrees, the surface hardness above HV900 (HRC60-67 degrees), and the use of 60-62 HRC hardness, heat treatment deformation is small, can be nitriding surface nitriding processing, processing of the product has better wear resistance.Combined with high technology polishing technology, it can reduce surface friction coefficient, enhance wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and ensure that it is used more than a million times.Internal adjustment hardness HRC40-45 degrees, after secondary tempering, SKD61 thimble and high toughness, high temperature and heat use temperature of 550 degrees, suitable for high temperature mold long use.

Each kind of material or every mold fitting has a suitable use hardness in the application.According to the requirement of the work item, choose the right hardness to achieve the desired effect.

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