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How about China mould parts price and quality?

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If you have enough budgets, buy mould parts locally that close your location for better management. If you don't, buy it from China/India or somewhere else in cheap price. That would require you to have a better audit to find several good suppliers, have a team to manage you projects to make sure the tool shops build the tools with the right process or following the guidelines.

Several reasons make the mould parts quality not stable and creeping up with price. If you want to buy mould parts from China, first you must know the process for build moulds. Mould parts suppliers know many ways to save cost, and some ways not affect the mold quality but some will be. Find the ways could save cost but affect the mould parts quality and avoid them happen then you could get both low price and high quality mould parts.

Core pins for mould

I have seen over a hundred moulds parts being made in China instead of manufactured locally. And I can count on one hand those that actually work on delivery (for a variety of reasons). Keep mould parts manufacturing in-house if possible, or at least in your area. Your will have control over quality, repairs/modifications are easier to do.

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