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Double color mold injection molding machine parts maintenance attention

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Double color mould is becoming more and more popular on the market at present, this technology can make the product more beautiful appearance, easy to change color and can not spray, double color mould is two kinds of plastic material in the same injection molding machine injection molding, two forming, but the product of a mold, the mold only to extend the service life of mould, need preventive maintenance, mold accessories manufacturers changsha borun embellish is recommended to do so:

Double color mold injection molding machine parts maintenance attention

1. Do not "clean" the hot tip of the gate

Not to destroy the hot mouth, please before taking action, confirm the mouth type of hot runner system, and ensure that all operators are trained, can identify themselves are exposed to different types of tongue.

2. Check whether there is any early warning signs of rust or moisture in the loose hole

If rust or moisture is found near the vent hole, it means that the internal condensation, or the water pipe, may break.

3. The resistance value of the interaction check heater

Should start to use the heater, measuring its electrical resistance, if there is a plus or minus 10% of the floating resistance, can consider to replace the heater, in order to make sure it won't be in the production process of failure at the critical moment.

Check the water flow.

Connect a hose at the exit of the waterway to allow water to be left in the bucket through a hose.If the water is not clear or colored, there may be a rusting phenomenon, and a lack of flow means a blockage.If these problems are found, all water pipes will be drilled again to ensure smooth flow.

5. Check whether there is any sign of wear between the guide column and the guide suite

If the trace is just present, you can extend its life by adding lubricant to the guide column and guide sleeve.If the wear is serious, we should replace the new parts.

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