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Characteristics and material selection of tungsten steel punch

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Tungsten steel needle can according to the different requirements of products, making the different shapes of blunt needle, mass of the hole processing, for example, computer chassis, above will have a lot of cooling hole, there are many mobile phones, electrical appliances, machinery is used above, and with the ordinary drilling machine, or cars, milling machine, can only work out round hole, and the efficiency is quite low.In the case of stamping, it takes less than a second to process hundreds of holes at the same time, which greatly improves production efficiency.

1. Characteristics of tungsten steel punching needle

High hardness (hardness HRC90), batch punching, improve production efficiency.Tungsten steel punching needle is used for punching, can be used for various types, shaped holes.

2. Selection of tungsten steel punching needle material

According to the material and thickness of stamping, different tungsten steel should be selected. In general, the thicker the stamping product, the better the lower hardness of tungsten steel.The harder the material is, the harder the tungsten steel is to choose a slightly less rigid model so that it can be effectively avoided.And the sheet that presses relatively thin, or the hardness is not high, this kind of product's hole processing, tungsten steel blunt needle can use hardness taller a few, this can increase the service life of the punching needle.

3. Type of punch punch

According to the material of different can be divided into SKD blunt needle, needle SKH blunt blunt needle, needle and ASP SKD blunt needle is made of blunt needle use SKD special mold steel, according to the needs of production physical can have a variety of different shapes.SKH, ASP blunt blunt needle and the high speed steel, tungsten steel needle is different because the material, the appearance is different, tungsten steel needle looks color will be black and color is more brighter and high speed steel blunt needle.

The guide pin is also known as the guide punch, which can be used in various forms according to the needs of the punching bed. There are type A B type HB type TAPP type TBPP type, etc.

The mother punch is called the mother chong, and there is a small bump at the top of the punch, not knowing what the name is, perhaps because of the bump on the top of the punch.The letter punch can be divided into standard type A JSBP type.

There are also the needle punching needle, the detection tip, the hexagonal blunt needle, the elliptical punching needle, the shape punching needle, the fan type punching head, the special-shaped punching needle, the high speed steel needle, the tungsten steel punching needle, etc.

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