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Borun [NITONI] mould parts classification index

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BoRun - NITONI, as mould industry spare parts manufacturing and suppliers, has many years of experience in mold parts production and supply at home and abroad, though, there are a lot of mold industry customers know that we are engaged in production and manufacturing, mould parts, however, to our business segment is not clear.Therefore, with this problem, bo runsmall's post adds:

Core pins for mould

Mold accessories refer to the general term for metal parts used in stamping molds, plastic molds or FA automation equipment.Widely used in various kinds of plastic mould, stamping die, automobile, electric and aviation.

1. Main features

a. Wear resistance

When the blank is plastic in the mold cavity, the surface of the cavity flows and slides along the surface of the cavity, causing a sharp friction between the cavity surface and the billet, resulting in the failure of the mold due to wear.So the wearability of the material is one of the most important properties of the mould.

b. Strong toughness

The working conditions of the die are mostly poor, and some of them often bear a large impact load, which leads to brittle fracture.In order to prevent the sudden break of mold parts at work, the mold should have high strength and toughness.The toughness of the mould depends on the carbon content, grain size and the state of the material.

c. High temperature performance

When the working temperature of the mold is higher, the hardness and strength will decrease, causing the die to wear out or to produce plastic deformation.Therefore, the mould material should have high anti-tempering stability to ensure that the mould has a high hardness and strength under working temperature.

d. Thermal fatigue resistance

Mold in the process of work is in a state of repeated heating and cooling, make the cavity surface tension, pressure stress, the effect of surface crack and spalling, caused by increasing friction, obstacles to plastic deformation, reduces the dimension precision, resulting in the mould failure.Cold and heat fatigue is one of the main forms of thermal die failure.

e. Corrosion resistance

Plastic die on the job, as a result of plastic, such as chlorine, fluorine element in thermal decomposition after precipitation HCI, HF, such as strong erosion gas, erosion surface of mould cavity, increasing its surface roughness, aggravate the wear failure.

2. Mould parts

Punch, punch, guide, guide, pin, cylinder, steel ball sleeve, independent guide post, self-lubricating plate, self-lubrication guide sleeve, no oil guide sleeve, no oil board, guide column assembly, etc.

3. Plastic mold accessories

Single section shoot tip, double shoot tip, double shoot tip, flat tip, flat tip, positioning column, square auxiliary device, cylinder, plunger, positioning beads, resin opening and closing device, guide bush clamping buckle, plastic mould, plastic mould guide pillar, limit clamp, secondary ejection, resetting mechanism, mold counter, auxiliary device, positioning parts, cooling parts, steel ball, inclined top device, gas cap,, back to the needle bar, springs, etc.

4. Hardware mould parts

Mold base with sliding guide pin components, mold base with ball guide pin component, lifting pin, pin, positioning pin, self-lubricating guide bush, within the guide pin component, punch, punch, concave die, discharging into the son, pin, guide pin, guide sleeve, guide pin, stop screw, hexagon screws, etc.

5. Stamping die accessories

Punch (punch), guide pin, punch guide bush, special-shaped punch, concave die, die, tungsten steel punch, tungsten steel die, carbide square punch,, tungsten steel, special-shaped punch forming with the punch die, stamping die fixed block, steel ball bushing, mold base guide pillar and guide sleeve, the independent guide column components, mould parts, self-lubricating skateboarding, material guidance, lifter with relevant parts, inclined wedge and related parts, hook, mold storage parts, inspection jig used parts, mold spiral spring, nitrogen gas spring, polyurethane spring, etc.

6. FA automatic mechanical accessories are mainly included

Guide shaft bearing, retaining ring, linear bearings, ball guide shaft, linear guide, linear slide rail, cable protection chain slide, ball screw, trapezoidal screw, screw, shaft, bearing, synchronous cog belt, flat belt, round belt, pulley, gears, conveyor, dowel, clamp with bushing, positioning parts, lens, the LED illuminator, sensor, probe and pillar bar clamp, round bar, resin, transparent resin, engineering plastic, sheet metal processing products, gaskets, washers, screws, nuts, small parts, springs, nozzle, cylinder parts, connecting parts, heater, insulation board, aluminum alloy profiles, high-efficiency particulate filters, factory profiles, plates, adjusting block, steel, reinforcement, security fence, etc.

7.The classification can be divided into standard series and non-standard series

a. Standard series: standard parts are commonly used as standard parts, such as thimble, cylinder, side lock, and limit clamping.

b. non-standard series: injection of ceramic core, needle core, worm gear and worm gear, sprocket, precision copper, screw tooth electrode, cosmetics, pen model core parts, precision gear and rack, precision round pin, needle, insert molding, beryllium copper core, etc.

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