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Be sure to know the injection mold insulation method - NITONI, China precision mould parts manufacturer

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Mold temperature is the most important variable in injection molding - no matter what plastic is injected, it is necessary to ensure the basic wetting of the mold surface.A hot mold surface keeps the plastic surface liquid long enough to form pressure in the cavity.If the cavity is filled and before the frozen epiderm is hardened, the cavity pressure can press the soft plastic onto the metal, so the surface of the cavity is duplicated.

Be sure to know the injection mold insulation method

Be sure to know the injection mold insulation method.

On the other hand, if the plastic that enters the cavity at low pressure is suspended, no matter how short it is, the slight contact with the metal will cause a stain, sometimes referred to as the gate spot.

For each plastic and plastic part, there is a limit on the surface temperature of a mold, which may have one or more adverse effects (for example, components can overflow the edges).Higher mold temperature means lower flow resistance.

In a number of injection molding machine, this natural means faster through the runner and cavity, because the injection flow control valve is not correct the change, filling faster will cause higher in the runner and cavity pressure effectively.

It may cause overflows.Because the hotter model does not freeze the plastic that enters the edge of the overflow area before the high pressure is formed, the melt can spill over the edge of the spout and spill over into the gap.This indicates that there is a need for good injection rate control, and some modern flow control programmers do.

In general, the increase of mold temperature will reduce the condensation of the plastic in the cavity, making the molten material flow more easily in the cavity, thus obtaining greater parts weight and better surface quality.At the same time, the increase of mold temperature will increase the tension strength of the parts.

Method of mold insulation.

Many molds, especially the engineered thermoplastic, operate at relatively high temperatures, such as 80 degrees Celsius or 176 degrees Fahrenheit.If the mold is not insulated, the loss of heat to the air and the injection machine can easily be as much as the discharge cylinder.

Therefore, the mold should be insulated with a skeleton plate, and if possible, the surface of the mold will be insulated.If you consider using a hot runner mold, try to reduce the heat exchange between the hot runner section and the cooled injection molded parts.Such a method can reduce energy loss and preheating time.

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