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Application of nitrogen spring in fine blanking die

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As is known to all, nitrogen springs can be placed in various forms in the mold.However, no matter which one we adopt, we must ensure that the nitrogen spring work is stable, reliable, installation, adjustment and maintenance as convenient as possible.In the fine blanking process needs a certain pressure to the ring gear, for separation of the parts are in compressive stress state, to obtain smooth section, it also requires nitrogen can exert strong pressure, to meet the requirements of the process.Ever on the single power presses to achieve fine blanking process, often adopts hydraulic equipment to produce power, likewise, in the fine blanking die used in the nitrogen gas spring, can not use a dedicated fine blanking press, in a single action press can be very convenient to obtain the desired tooth circle pressure, to ensure the quality of fine blanking parts.The nitrogen spring structure is relatively simple, the cost is low, and the adjustable pressure range is greater.

Application of nitrogen spring in fine blanking die

Some designers will also nitrogen spring chamber design on the mold base guide post goods, so that you can follow up at any time need to adjust the pressure of the nitrogen gas spring, which is the pressure of the fine blanking gear ring, the relatively compact structure, which can effectively ensure the high quality of fine blanking parts, and it can be said to be the important trend of the development of fine blanking die today.

Knowledge universal nitrogen spring placement: nitrogen springs can be placed on the upper or lower mold of the mold, the dynamic die or die, can be placed in the nitrogen spring, can also be inverted;The nitrogen spring is used inside the mold, which is called built-in and is used outside the mold.Nitrogen spring cylinder body at the bottom, plunger in the upper part, is called positive;In the upper part of the cylinder, the plunger is placed in the lower part, which is called inversion.

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