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Apple's downgrade is behind the downgrade

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Learn from January 17, tencent technology (news, Wall Street's analysis of the agency forecast that apple iPhone's performance this year will be a disappointment, therefore, the analysis of agency downgraded the apple shares, which is apple shares suffered a rare drop again.

The analytics firm is Longbow Research.Longbow Research today downgraded apple's stock rating from "buy" to "neutral", citing apple's iPhone shipments in fiscal 2018 to be lower than expected.

"The iPhone's current sales cycle is just good, not very good," Longbow Research analyst Shawn Harrison said in a note to investors on Wednesday.

The analyst also said that "as the iPhone X cell phone launch, the high price of phone also to a certain extent, to curb the market demand for the iPhone, at the same time, as the production of apple iPhone seven series mobile phone again, iPhone plus 8/8 of the market demand is the cold shoulder."

To that end, harrison cut apple's iPhone shipments in 2018 to 233 million units from 248 million, slightly less than the 239 million Wall Street analysts had expected.

Apple shares were down 0.3% in pre-market trading on Wednesday in the wake of the harrison report.

Analysis for the apple agency downgraded shares in December 19 last year, at the time, market research firm Nomura Instinet, Nomura Instinet) will be apple's stock rating from "buy" to "neutral" class, the reason is that apple's high valuation compared with the previous iPhone cycle is too high.

Through apple to downgrade the door a ratings downgrade, mold accessories manufacturers of changsha borun embellish think, don't forget to beginner's mind, always, all the products, must be closely around the industry and the interests of the user, once off or violation of user's demand to the most simple, all the pay is in vain.Of course, the upgrade of the product is good, but it is also a better experience for users, and it is still necessary to confirm apple's contribution to users.But the hope is that apple will be able to make better products on the basis of understanding product performance and user demand after the downgrade.This reduces and eliminates the need to worry about the use of the product.

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