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Analysis of the cause of damage of stamping die and spare parts

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In metal stamping mold industry knows, in the production of metal stamping die, stamping die and parts often appear damage phenomenon, and increase the cost of production, product quality to drop, affect the normal production of the enterprise.What is the cause of the damage to the stamping die and parts?Next, the mold and accessories manufacturer changsha borun and you analysis:

Analysis of the cause of damage of stamping die and spare parts

1. in stamping process, if there is a mold strength design is not enough or uneven, die leads to bad, tilt, or there is foreign body between the template, and so on and so forth, will result in not flexible clamping, even jammed.If the mould processing cannot find the reason in time, the troubleshooting will lead to the damage of mold parts or stamping dies.

2. metal stamping die material and heat treatment process is appropriate for, had a great influence on the mold quality, if the stamping die quenching temperature is too high, quenching method or time is unreasonable, improper selection and frequency and tempering temperature can cause damage after mold in stamping production, metal stamping parts quality.

3. metal stamping die in the process of machining, if there is a foreign body into the stamping die, very prone to overlap parts, waste obstruction, etc, lead to die of blanking plate, punch, the damage of template and guide pin.

4. The hole size or depth design of the metal stamping die is not enough, which causes the slot hole to be blocked, causing damage to the falling plate.When the punch is fixed improperly or the screw is not strong enough, it will also cause the punch to fall or break and damage the mold.

Metal stamping mould manufacturing is difficult, the cost is high, and production of mould repair and maintenance cost is high also, grinding, therefore in the process of metal stamping parts production, the staff to understand the cause of stamping mould and parts damaged, in time to mold maintenance, replace the need to replace the mould parts in time, to prolong the service life of die parts and stamping die, thereby saving the cost.

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