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Analysis of the trend of foreign mould industry power

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With the progress of technology, the high-end of processing equipment.Now more and more die factories have extended their business to foreign countries.He who knows his own enemy can fight without danger.Let's take a look at some of the characteristics of foreign mold countries:

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1. Japanese mold industry.

At present, Japan's mold manufacturing technology is still in the world leading position.According to Japan's miti industrial statistics, Japan's total of mould factory about 10000, including 20 accounted for more than 91%, under which Japan mould industry is given priority to with small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly by the specialized division of labor, to complete the high quality of mold design and processing.Due to the professional division of labor in Japan, the overall manufacturing level of the small and medium mould enterprises is high, making the mold made in Japan a brand and a symbol of high quality.In recent years, Japanese plastic mold, powder metallurgy mould, die casting mould growth obviously, stamping die and forging die are relatively decreasing trend.According to luo baihui, the Japanese molds are facing five major topics -- shortening the delivery time, reducing the manufacturing cost, improving the quality and precision of the molds, the shortage of labor, and the challenges of meeting Asian countries.In response to this situation, many Japanese mold manufacturers are actively expanding equipment investment.In processing, a large number of unattended processing units, or on-line control through the computer.CAD/CAE/CAM technology is adopted in the design and manufacturing department, and the simulation analysis and DNC(direct digital control) processing are carried out.The technical development of the mould mainly develops to high precision, high speed, long life, complex, large, integrated and high performance.

2. American mold industry.

There are about 7, 000 mould companies in the United States, and more than 90 percent are small businesses with fewer than 50 people.Due to the high development of industrialization, the American mold industry has become a mature high-tech industry, which is in the forefront of the world.The die steel has standardized production supply, mould design and manufacture of universal application of CAD/CAE/CAM technology, processing technology, the examination form a complete set of advanced equipment, large, complex, precision, long life, high performance die development reached leading level.But since the 1990s, the us economy has faced major adjustments, big changes and strong international competition in the post-industrial age -- from cost pressures, time pressures and competitive pressures.

3. German mold industry.

Germany has always been known for its exquisite processing skills and production of precision machinery and tools, and its mold industry fully embodies this feature.For mold the connotation of the complex industrial field, after years of exploration practice, the German mold manufacturers formed a consensus: the industry must be coordinated, projects, mining development potential, and jointly carries forward the spirit of innovation, technological progress together, complement each other, giving full play to the advantages of good whole, to achieve the success of the industry.In addition, in order to adapt to the needs of rapid development of new products, not only large companies set up a new development center in Germany, but many small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) have to do this, take the initiative to do research and development work for the customer.Germany has always been very active in research and has become an important basis for its undefeated in the international market.In the fierce competition, the German mold industry has maintained a strong position in the international market for many years, and the export rate has been stable at about 33%.

According to the German industry and mold industry organization, the German machinery manufacturers association (VDMA), the federation of German machinery manufacturers (VDMA), Germany has about 5000 mold enterprises, and the German mould production value reached 4.8 billion euros in 2003.Among them, there are 90 member mould enterprises of German machinery and manufacturers association (VDMA). The output value of these 90 key mold enterprises accounts for 90% of the German mold output.

4. Singapore mold industry.

Singapore is a small country of only 3 million people in the 80 s and 80 s, the government attaches great importance to and support the development of precision mould, introduced many policies, make the mould industry get fast growth, promoted the rapid development of Singapore's economy.

Singapore has all kinds of mold, and more than 1000 enterprises, precision engineering mold annual output value of more than 4.5 billion yuan, in the mold industry in Asia has a very important influence and role.There are more than 10 listed companies in the mould industry.More than 65% of the molds produced by Singapore enterprises are related to the electronic industry. The molds produced are not large, but are high precision and high standard molds.Singapore mould enterprises mainly focus on semiconductor framework/packaging mould, metal stamping die, plastic mould, silicone rubber mould and other fields.

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