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Analysis of the service life of mold parts

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In the age of increasingly fierce competition in the market, the upgrading of products is faster and faster. The old products is eliminated quickly, and the new products constantly replace them, which highlight that production cycle of precision mold parts should be shorten as much as possible. The old way of mold production and processing are rapidly replaced by modern high efficiency production method to meet the requirement of short cycle of mold. However, mold part accessories need a lot of procedures when they are produced, which do not quickly change following the development of the era. A lot of friends also paid close attention to the service life of mold parts. The manufacturing process of mold is Complex, and the cycle of production is long. The material is also very expensive. Therefore, hardware mold accessories require to be durable once manufactured successfully. The technological equipment of mold parts is very expensive. At present, mold manufacturing expense accounts for about 10%-30% of the cost of products. The length level of the service life of mold parts will directly affect the cost of the product. Hence, In the case of mass production, it is more strict.

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NITONI mould manufacturer did the analysis for the service life of mold parts. We strive for a long life of the mold parts and producing efficient mold parts. We put forward higher requirements of reasonable selection for mold. The material of mold not only requires high strength, but also requires high hardness and wear resistance. At the same time, We also put forward more strict requirements of the corresponding thermal processing and heat treatment process, which stimulate the constantly emerging of new material of mold.

NITONI provide precision mold parts processing for you to make high quality and long life of mold parts accessories. And we can also custom-made all kinds of non-standard products or process all kinds of standard or non-standard carbide mold parts products according to the design drawing that customers provide. For more information about mold parts and customization service, please contact us:


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