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Japan Osaka mold technology exhibition INTERMOLD

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Japan has about 35 percent of the world's mold production capacity, ranking first in the world and exporting a large number of molds to foreign countries every year.April 18, 2018 to April 21, 2018, Japanese INTERMOLD mould technology held in Osaka, Japan, as mould parts manufacturer and supplier in China, changsha borun embellish led by general manager Mr NiXiuHeng organization team took part in the international large-scale exhibitions, below small make up and Japan INTERMOLD 2018 introduced the main scope of exhibits:

Japan Osaka mold technology exhibition INTERMOLD

1. Introduction of Japan INTERMOLD exhibition in 2018.

Japan international exhibition on die mould industry association by Japan, and get the ministry of economy, the foreign ministry, Osaka city, Osaka chamber of commerce, Japan external trade organization institutions such as the support.The exhibition is held annually in Osaka and Tokyo.But for 17 years, effect is good, the exhibition organizers decided to 18 years in Osaka and Nagoya held two terms, if Nagoya exhibition effect is good, after two previous games will be held in every year, every year the personage inside course of study from Japan and all over the world come to visit the exhibition and purchasing.

This exhibition from China, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Britain and the United States and other countries and regions, more than 500 manufacturers, a total area of 20000 square meters.Up to 90% of exhibitors are satisfied with the exhibition.At the same time, the professional buyers to visit up to 47303 people, mainly from Japan, South Korea, China, China Taiwan, the United States, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Australia, Russia, Brazil and other countries and regions.After years of development, China's mold and metal processing equipment, regardless of quality and technology, has a fairly high evaluation and competitive advantage in the international market.

2. Product range of Japan INTERMOLD exhibition in 2018.

Mould: stamping die, plastic mould, die casting mould, forging mould and standard parts for the automobile, motorcycle and electronic information and household appliances;Mould processing equipment, measuring equipment, mold rapid prototyping equipment, mold materials, mold CAD/CAE/CAM software, etc.;

Machine, engine lathe, CNC lathe, turning lathe, drilling machine, boring machine, milling machine, grinding machine, sawing machine, slotting machine, planer, edm wire cutting machine, electric spark discharge molding machine, injection molding machine, metal cutting and forming machine, welding and gas cutting machine, etc.;

Tools: tools, tools, tools, tools, tools, tools, accessories, tools, etc.

Machine accessories and parts: hydraulic parts, pneumatic parts, machine tools and electronic equipment, control and drive system, lubricant and coolant, waste treatment equipment, image data processing technology;

Testing technology and equipment: measurement and testing technology and equipment, image data processing technology, quality control technology and software, computer aided design, etc.;

Other: flexible processing, installation technology, operation technology, automation equipment, industrial robot, welding equipment, heat treatment equipment, precision instrument, laser and water jet cutting and processing equipment, etc.

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