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The punch head is easy to break, material selection is key

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As you know, the punching pin is the metal part that is installed on the stamping die, which mainly ACTS on the direct contact with the material, making the material deformation and cutting materials.However, it is easy to break the punch head, which is troubling many buyers.Then, as a manufacturer of mold parts, changsha borun said that to solve the problem of easy to break the punch, material selection is the key.

The punch head is easy to break, material selection is key

Why is the punch head easy to break and material selection has a certain relationship?Because there are many factors that influence the use of the punching needle, although the material is one of the more important ones, it is not the decisive factor.Blunt needle is easy or not break basically see the toughness and hardness of the material in terms of material, in hardness, high hardness, blunt needle is more wear-resisting, but too high hardness with brittleness, easy cutting a crash.Heat treatment can make the material reach the phase hardness, but in order to ensure the normal use of the punching needle, there will be a relatively reasonable range of hardness, and the common material hardness is as follows:

The hardness of 45 # steel is 40 - - 45 HRC

The hardness of Cr12 is 55HRC.

The hardness of Cr12mov is 55-58HRC.

SKD11 has a hardness of 56-58HRC.

The hardness of DC53 is 59 -- 60HRC.

The hardness of M35 is 60 -- 62HRC.

The hardness of skh-9, skh-55, skh-51 is 60 -- 62HRC.

The hardness of M42 is 62-64hrc.

The hardness of ASP23 and ASP60 is 64 -- 67HRC.

The hardness of tungsten steel is 90HRC.

However, in addition to the hardness of the material, the thickness of the material and the design of the mold can also affect the service life of the punching needle.The above hardness reference can also be helpful to everyone, can help you to choose the right needle products.

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