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The basic structure of metal stamping die

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Metal stamping die structure can be divided into upper and lower mold.The upper mold is made up of die handle (punch), guide sleeve, punch, pad, fixed plate, screw, pin, upper die (upper), and release plate.The lower mould is usually composed of the lower mould base, the guide plate (side guide plate), the concave mould, the baffle plate, the bearing plate, the guide post, the screw and the pin.

The basic structure of metal stamping die

It is important to note that not all of the stamping die structures have the above six parts, especially the single process module, but the working parts and necessary fixed parts are indispensable.

Stamping die are usually divided into two categories, one kind is craft parts, the parts directly involved in the process is completed, and have the direct contact and blank, only for mold complete process is not directly involved in the process, also direct contact with blank, only to ensure that do use mould to complete the process, or to improve the mold function, including guide parts and fastening parts, standard parts and other parts, etc.

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