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Non-standard mold parts purchasing instructions

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With the increasing production demand of enterprises, most manufacturers pay more and more attention to the characteristics and performance of products, and some enterprises' products have become more and more customized and developed.So now that is the custom, of course, inseparable from the non-standard customized professional equipment, and in this kind of custom equipment in use process, non-standard mold parts plays a key role, inappropriate if non-standard mold parts of choose and buy will lead to the size of the product, quality closes nevertheless, so that enterprises in the purchase of non-standard mold parts need to pay attention to the following these things.

Core pins for mould

1. Pay attention to the dimensions of mold parts.

Due to the non-standard equipment are custom made according to the enterprise's demand, so some of the mold and its accessories are also not production according to international standards, but according to the specific requirements of non-standard equipment and products to manufacture, so enterprise want to purchase the good quality of non-standard mold parts, first of all need to be aware of is the size of the die parts to consistent and non-standard equipment, can be installed to the device in use.

2. Pay attention to the precision of mold parts.

As the saying goes, "the big difference., accuracy is a very key factor, the enterprise in order to be able to ensure that produce products that meet the requirements, in the purchase of non-standard mold parts when we must pay attention to calculate good accessories required accuracy, and then to select the most matching based on precision non-standard mold parts to use.

3. Pay attention to the material of mold parts.

Mold and its accessories in the process of long-term use, although can produce loss, but it is not the consumption of disposable items, in order to reduce the attrition rate of mold parts, prolong the service life of parts, enterprises purchase non-standard mold parts when they need to pay attention to understand what the material is used, on the one hand, want to know whether the durability is strong, on the other hand to understand whether suitable for enterprise produced products.

For enterprises, the purpose of using non-standard equipment is to be able to produce the most satisfactory products, and can be in one respect to those of other competing goods, but to do this, you need to use high quality non-standard mold parts, so, mould non-standard accessories manufacturers, changsha, borun think, before purchasing understand non-standard mold parts which brand is good, the choose and buy good brand of die parts will be more secure in terms of quality.

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