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Krauss Maffei promotes the future of injection molding in a digital manner

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Production efficiency, quality and flexibility are the decisive factors driving the progress of plastics processing enterprises in the process of the fourth industrial revolution, and ultimately determine their profitability and competitiveness.In Shanghai in 2018 China international exhibition on the rubber and plastic (April 27th April 24 solstice, 2 hall, T01 booth), KraussMaffei will demonstrate the injection molding process of innovation and technology as well as the leading industry in the future 4.0 solution, the customer can use them to optimize production sustainable.

Krauss Maffei promotes the future of injection molding in a digital manner

Best use of industry 4.0 potential.

"Industry 4.0 is an important topic of concern for our Chinese customers.The cause of industry 4.0 certainly includes rising wages, or expectations of full records and tracking in the automotive industry.For us, this is a good chance will itself as a high quality manufacturer, because 4.0 requires not only the first-class industrial machine, also need the excellence performance of automation equipment, control system or interface ", KraussMaffei load J (China) injection molding machine sales vice President?Rg Wittgrebe said.

KraussMaffei includes its industry 4.0 solution in its brand Plastics 4.0.These include the automatic optimization of intelligent machine functions, the entire production process for seamless collection of data and networking of reliable tools and services throughout the world.All in all, they help make factories into smart factories."We see ourselves here as a partner for our customers and help them take full advantage of these opportunities and potential," Wittgrebe added.KraussMaffei will show how to do this in practice with a carefully selected live demo at the China international rubber and plastic exhibition stand.

Achieve greater transparency through MaXecution in production planning.

One of the highlights of the KraussMaffei booth is the new MaXecution system, which is tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized injection companies (MES)."We will be in China international exhibition on the rubber and plastic for the first time to our customers in China demonstrate new MaXecution system, it is through such as overall assets or machine, mold and resource management efficiency and productivity index increase production such as scrap statistics transparency", Wittgrebe explains.KraussMaffei's new MaXecution system is based on the famous HYDRAMES system supplied to the market by the merpeteer (MPDV) supplier of MES, and provides three structural ratings.In this way, the customer can determine how much of the MES he needs based on the requirements.If the customer needs additional features beyond the range of these services, you can switch to the HYDRA system of MPDV at any time."Through new MaXecution system, and through the joint collaboration partners MPDV, sustainably we help our clients realize digital, paperless production, and provide them with tailor-made solutions, in order to improve their all machinery and equipment utilization and improve their efficiency of the whole equipment", Wittgrebe said.

At the KraussMaffei pavilion at the China international rubber and plastic exhibition, visitors can experience how to collect and analyze the production data of the injection process.In addition, KraussMaffei will explain the functional MES function in the plastic processing several times a day in a short report.

Gx650-4300: Asia's fastest dual-template injection molding machine.

Another highlight of the KraussMaffei booth is the gx650-4300 with the new linear manipulator LRX150."Quality and efficiency standards are also increasingly important for our Chinese customers, especially in the government-driven 'made in China 2025' project.We provide tailored, first-rate solutions to our customers with the advantages of precision, speed, modularity, user friendliness and long service life in the GX series, "Wittgrebe said.The GX series has also been produced in the Chinese sea salt factory since 2016, according to the global standard KraussMaffei quality standard.With their extremely short space cycles, the GX series is considered the fastest hydraulic dual-template injection molding machine in Asia.Through on-site production, customers in China and Asia can also benefit from short delivery times and quick delivery of services.

The GX series is not only suitable for large volume projects with very short circulation time, but also for applications with very high technical requirements, such as the application of automotive lightweight structure.At the China international rubber and plastic exhibition, the gx650-3400 of a clamping force of 6500kN demonstrates the repeatable perfect process reliability in sequential injection molding.A radiator grille is produced in approximately 49 seconds of cycle time.At the same time, the connected FlexFlow heat flow control system ensures a perfectly balanced sequence of matches.In the end, the high quality parts without seams can be painted and electroplated directly in the rear process.

Px160-540: thin-wall quick-closing bottle caps are processed faster.

Thin - walled parts need power during injection.The all-electric px160-540, which is used to produce the Flip-Top water bottle cover at the China international rubber and plastics show, has a higher speed of 270mm/s.The cover diameter of PP is 28mm, and 1881 short thread structure is adopted -- this is a classic packaging application."It also requires a particularly short cycle time to achieve the high yields required in this area.As a result, PX160 is equipped with speed options: faster injection, faster ejection, higher torque and faster nozzle movement, "Wittgrebe said.This compact automatic device, equipped with linear manipulator LRX100, is used to remove the lid from the mold and put it into an integrated automation unit to cover it.It saves time and space in a comprehensive manner compared to the usual market solutions, such as the closure of the module and the separate process of capping."China international exhibition on the rubber and plastic PX160 impressive to high-precision fully electric injection molding machine and self-optimizing control systems with linear automation equipment and auto accessories - minimum installation space, combining the advantages of the highest efficiency.In this way, we help customers achieve full automation production sustainably, "Wittgrebe explains.

Gx600-3000: excellent visible parts for consumer electronics.

On the platform of the partner Roctool(HD plastic), a gx600-3000 is used to generate the exciting surface effect of a 13-inch laptop case with an induced dynamic mode temperature system."Design possibility infinite vast - whether various tonal, holographic effect, highlighting effect or inferior smooth effect, can all in do not need to increase the post-treatment process, such as film decoration or spray paint, by one step process to achieve", Wittgrebe summed up the advantages of the technology.KraussMaffei's new generation linear robot LRX350 ensures reliable and accurate extraction of components from exhibits.At the same time, optimized sports organizations and new compressed air saving features help to achieve high efficiency production.After the China international rubber and plastic exhibition, GX600 will go to Shanghai's new Roctool technology center for testing and development by customers and interested parties.

With APCplus, each part will become a qualified piece.

All three exhibit GX650, GX600 and PX160 are equipped with extended APC plus features, another advantage of the KraussMaffei Plastics 4.0 solution."The APC plus features ensure extremely stable component weight and maximum process reliability.Therefore, almost every part will become a qualified part.This saves material and money, "Wittgrebe concluded.Intelligent machine function APC plus is suitable for processing thermoplastic plastic, multi-component injection molding or silica gel processing.Therefore, special applications can be achieved, such as thin-walled parts or sequential injection molding.APC plus also allows processing of recycled materials.

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