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In plastic mold, flat thimble is often used for material selection

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Flat thimble is one of commonly used parts in plastic mould parts, flat thimble, also called the flat pin, push rod, ejector pin, needle, needle, etc., mainly used for plastic product ejection rod parts, and is the glue, elongated circle plunger cannot put down, we choose to use flat thimble.So, how to ensure the wear-resisting property of the flat thimble, this needs to be in the material of the flat thimble to choose up and down.

The flat thimble is the same as the thimble, but it is more stringent for the material requirement, because the processing position of the die flat thimble is thinner than the thimble.

Flat thimble used is one of the most common material SKD61, because in plastic moulds, flat thimble processing environment temperature is higher, need heat resistant material, and SKD61 material can bear the high temperature of 1600 ° C, suitable for the use of flat thimble.When the hardness of SKD61 flat thimble is not enough, we can also make the surface nitride treatment to improve the wear resistance of the flat thimble.If SKD61 flat thimbus can not meet the requirements, it can also choose the skh-51 high speed steel flat thimmer, which is better than SKD61 in high temperature and wear resistance, and of course the price is more expensive.

Plastic mould flat thimble despite part is standard parts, but most of the time are standard parts, mold parts manufacturers changsha borun embellish is commonly according to figure processing, material and size specifications and precision are processed according to customer requirements.

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