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Important processing technology of high precision die fittings

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In addition to high strength and toughness, the surface properties of high precision die parts are essential to the working performance and service life of high precision die parts.

Important processing technology of high precision die fittings

The improvement of these properties, the improvement and improvement of the matrix material is very limited and is not economical, and the surface treatment technology can often get twice the result with half the effort, which is also the reason for the rapid development of the surface treatment technology. Mold polishing technology is an important part of mold surface engineering, and is an important process in post processing of mold manufacturing process.

It is worth noting that the polishing of the mold surface is not only affected by the polishing equipment and technology, but also influenced by the mirror degree of the mold material, which has not been paid enough attention, that is to say, the polishing itself is restricted by the mold material. Although the new processing technology to improve the surface properties of precision die parts is constantly emerging, it is mainly used in the manufacture of high precision die parts for nitriding, carburizing and hardened film deposition.

The nitriding technology can form a good performance surface, and the nitriding process has good coordination with the quenching process of the high precision die parts steel. At the same time, the nitriding temperature is low, the nitriding needs not to be cooled intensely after nitriding, and the deformation of the high precision die fittings is very small. Therefore, the surface strengthening of the high precision die fittings is the early nitriding technology. It is also the most widely used.

The mirror die material is not only a problem of chemical composition, but also a series of advanced technologies, such as vacuum degassing, argon protection ingot, vertical continuous casting and rolling, flexible forging, etc., which make the mirror mould steel with a series of advantages such as small internal defects, fine particle size, high degree of dispersion, fine grain size and good uniformity of metal. Point to meet the requirement of polishing to mirror steel. The surface treatment technology of mold parts is a system engineering which can change the surface morphology, chemical composition, structure and stress state of the high precision die parts by surface coating, surface modification or compound treatment technology to obtain the required surface properties.

The nitriding process includes gas nitriding, ion nitriding and liquid nitriding. In each nitrided mode, there are several kinds of nitriding technology, which can meet the requirements of different kinds of steel. From the way of surface treatment, it can be divided into chemical methods, physical methods, physical and chemical methods and mechanical methods.

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