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Automobile hardware stamping parts constitute and characteristics

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We know that cars are made up of thousands of stampings during manufacturing.The stamping parts are made of various kinds of metal stamping parts, precision hardware fittings, electronic components and so on.

Automobile hardware stamping parts constitute and characteristics

The quality of the stamping parts is very important to the quality of the vehicle, especially for cars and buses.In the manufacture of stamping parts, enabling for large stamping parts with complex space geometry, interior parts, welding artisan run into, or for easy small stamping parts, such as interior parts, more use of professional with the testing jig (fixture) as a matter of detection means, for product quality control procedures.It has the advantages of rapid, accurate, intuitive and convenient, especially suitable for mass production.After the mid-1980s, with the rapid development of the automobile and bus industry, the application of stamping parts in China's automobile industry is quite common.

Composition and characteristics of vehicle stamping parts inspection tools.

Compared with the hardware processing parts, the detection of automobile stamping parts has the following characteristics:

1. The shape of the workpiece is often complicated and irregular, and it is difficult to locate, support and clamp.

2. The rigidity of the workpiece is generally poor, and it is easy to cause deviation in the detection process;

3. besides a few small stamping parts, usually put the size of the stamping benchmark in body coordinate system to deal with, in addition to many of the characteristics of workpiece parts (such as holes, flange, etc.) compared to the neighboring grid line to indicate on the diagram to the distance dimensions, for most of the contours of free-form surface (especially) did not give a size values.At present, the model of grid dimensioning with coordinate grid has been gradually replaced by CAD data.The CAD data supplied by the design department for stamping parts, welding parts and even the body can be used as the dimensional basis for making mold, welding fixture and fixture.

It is believed that the production scale of various hardware processing components can also be guaranteed with the continuous expansion of various hardware processing companies.

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